Invites You to Partner with Us in our Affiliate Program

Do you have a blog, website or just use the internet to communicate with people? Are you interested in communicating with small and medium sized business people, and offering tips, help and guiding those business people to tools that can grow their business?

Join the affiliate program through Commission Junction, and start sharing the revenue from a dynamic B2B service. offers a tremendous value with no-obligation, no set-up charge payment processing. Whether a business is a brick and morter retail establishment, or an online / internet enterprise, we can process payments efficiently and the lowest industry rates.

Here is what we have to offer you:

  • $60 base commission for completed sign-ups.
  • Permanent incremental commission bumps after establishing consistent steady sign-ups.
  • For High Performing Partners (100+ signups a month) we can discuss revenue share residuals!
  • A great 120 day return cookie.
  • Tracking conducted through the established and reliable Commission Junction network.

Here is the support that you will get as an affiliate:

  • Custom landing page support
  • Effective and high impact banners and precise converting text links.
  • A sales guide helping you determine who and how to target our potential customer base.
  • A researched and tested suggested keyword list.

Here is who you will be partnering with:

  • A merchant who takes very seriously their commitment to customer service and satisfaction via a very professional and efficient manner.
  • A partner who is truly committed to making this affiliate program a cornerstone to their on-line marketing efforts.
  • A professionally managed (by AMWSO) affiliate program with proactive responses to any issues or queries that may come up.

Don't hesitate, join the program today and start earning now!

If you have any questions or comments, check our FAQ below or emails us:

FAQ for Affiliate Program

1) What is is a US based business focused on offering anyone who needs to collect payments a low cost, low hassle payment processing solution. Whether someone is a retail brick and mortar business, or a internet based self-proprietor, we can provide a credit card processing solution.

2) How does the affiliate program work?

The overall principle of the affiliate program is about driving leads. In essence you and your website become "sales agents " for, and you will get paid a commission / bounty for every visitor that you drive to our site who signs up for our payment processing service. We've partnered with Commission Junction to help facilitate this. Once you join our affiliate program, you will have access to banners, links and other resources that you can put on your website. If visitors click on those links, they will get directed to the main site, and if they provide their contact information, you will receive a commission for that sign-up.

Now something to keep in mind, the customer need not sign-up on the same day they click through the link. If they return within 120 days of clicking on your link you will receive a commission for the lead.

3) What happens after a visitor completes the sign-up form and submits their digital signature?

Now it's important to note, that it is critical to that we spend time with sign-ups who are serious about setting up payment processing. The form we require the customer to complete is fairly detailed, so only serious customers should complete and submit the form. This is also one of the reasons we offer a high commission bounty for completed submissions.

4) Who is Commission Junction and how do they fit in?

Commission Junction (or CJ) is the 3rd party independent tracking system that we use to make sure you get credit for the leads that come from your referred visitors. CJ provides very fast and accurate reporting on your stats, timely payments, and has a sterling reputation for honest and highly ethical business practices.

5) Does my site qualify for the program?

All sites are welcome, as long as it doesn't promote illegal activities or pornography, nor engages in any deceptive practices, spyware/malware or "cookie stuffing." There are no traffic minimums, so why not give it a try? We encourage anyone to sign up, be it someone just starting out in affiliate marketing, or the professional "super" affiliate. That being said, you will have much more success if your site is targeted to small and medium sized entrepreneurs and marketing officers.

6) How and when do I get paid?

All of our payments are handled through the CJ system.

Check out their FAQ right here: CJ Affiliate FAQ.

You can indicate your Payment Preference in your CJ account set-up screen.

Currently, the options for payment are:

  • Direct Deposit (Not available in all locations)
  • Check - (multiple currencies available)

7) What kind of support will I get from the AMWSO / team?

The affiliate program is run exclusively by AMWSO with a dedicated professional affiliate manager. The affiliate manager is available any time to answer any questions, help with any advice, or talk about any suggestions or comments you might have. A catalog of high quality banners and text links are available in a variety of styles for you to make use of on your site. Also, from time to time we may announce special promotions that you can make available to your visitors/community. We'll communicate these to you via our regular email newsletters.

Give it a try and sign up for this great payment processing affiliate program here.

Also feel free to contact us at affiliates (at) with any questions.

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