Business Credit Card Processing

Business Credit Card Processing for the Internet Based eCommerce Business

When you are in the process of setting up an eCommerce business on the Internet, eventually you will have to take the time to compare business credit card processing services and merchant accounts. What should you look for in a merchant account credit card processing service? How do you know you are getting quality merchant account processing services? What types of things should you demand from your business credit card processing account provider?

First and foremost, you should expect that a merchant account credit card processing provider is open and up front with you about the fees associated with their services. You will need to either speak with a representative or view a merchant account credit card processing provider’s website to see what fees, if any, are associated with account you are applying for. Common fees that you will be charge for include things like an annual fee, an application fee, a setup fee, programming fees, a maintenance fee, over limit fees, web shopping cart and set up fees, and fees for changing the checking account you have funds transferred to when monies are collected. You will also want a merchant account processing provider to disclose the discount rate, the batch fees, the statement fees, PCI compliance fees and ACH rejection fees too.

For your Internet based business you can expect that the business credit card processing service provider will supply your business with a software application for credit card processing, encrypted methods for processing credit cards, tools for controlling transaction documentation, and a payment portal for your site. You should also demand a high level of responsiveness from the company when you need technical assistance and full support for dealing with any kind of technical or payment/collection issues that arise during the normal course of business.



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