1. If I have low or bad credit could I get approved?
You can get approved regardless to credit history. We have one of the highest approval rates in our industry

2. What is a merchant account?
A merchant account also known as payment processing or credit card processing allows business to accept credit card and other forms of payment cards. Whether it is online, wireless or retail, a merchant account makes it easy for business to accommodate their clients.

3. How long is the approval process to receive a merchant account?
We will process the application for approval which takes 24-48 hours, once it is approved we will contact the merchant (the client) and set him up with a free virtual terminal or free machine.

4. Will I need to open a new bank account?
As long as you have an exisiting business account, you will not need to open up a new account.

5. What is a chargeback?
A chargeback is triggered when a customer disputes a transaction. The customer has the option of contacting the merchant or getting a return on their merchandise. If this occurs we will contact you right away to solve the situation.

6. Do you accept all types of business?
Yes. We accept business such as mail order, telephone order, online based, home based business, retail and high volume, high risk merchant accounts.

7. How do I decide which machine, product, equipment or software is right for my business?
We help and assist you to find the right payment solutions that fits your processing needs. We help you find the right tools for your business.

8. How will I receive my money?
The credit cars sales will be deposited directly into your checking account. Funds are usually available within two business days and high risk accounts may take longer.

9. Do you provide customer support?
Yes. We provide toll-free technical support and customer assistance 24/7.

10. What are the advantages of accepting credit cards online?
Accepting credit cards for your business will increace income and help your business reach a higher level.
A credit card processing and credit card merchant account allows a company to offer payment processing to clients through credit cards and checks. For any business needing to accept credit card online or offline from customers, MerchantAccount.com can help. Our company has been offering credit card processing and merchant services to clients since 1996.
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