Internet Credit Card Processing

Internet Credit Card Processing Services for Businesses Considered High Risk

It may seem surprising to you that your type of business is considered high risk by an Internet credit card processing service provider. A high risk credit card processing account is offered to certain businesses that are deemed by a credit card processing merchant as high risk. Some merchants consider telephone based businesses, mail based businesses, and Internet based businesses high risk businesses. What do they mean by high risk?

A credit card processing merchant considers face to face processed credit card transactions less risky than those transactions that are not conducted one on one in person. This is because there is a reduced risk that the one on one payment will be canceled and result in a charge back on the credit card. In contrast, Internet sales, phone sales and through the mail sales are commonly associated with an increased charge back rate. Charge backs result in a deduction from your bank account instead of a deposit of funds; this can happen when a customer disputes a purchase, if the customer has used a credit card with an expired expiration date, if a bank error has occurred, or if an incident of double charging has occurred.

The list of high risk businesses is relatively short, but you may be surprised to find that your business is considered high risk at all. High risk businesses have to pay for higher processing rates so that the merchant account can balance some of the risks through the higher fees collected. You could be identified as a high risk business if you already have high charge back levels or if you are a TMF merchant account business, an herbal and vitamin business, if you sell prepaid phone cards, if you are telemarketer, if you have a web hosted business, if you are a VOIP business, or if you are an online dating merchant.



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