Merchant Account Credit Card Processing

The Expenses Associated with Merchant Account Credit Card Processing

Businesses can truly benefit from signing up for a merchant account credit card processing offer. These accounts make the business capable of dealing with hundreds or even thousands of daily transactions with greater ease. A business credit card processing account allows for a business to collect debit card payments, credit card payments, and other forms of electronic payments for the sale of services, information, or goods. Tracking transactions, controlling the deposit of funds, and dealing with refunds or chargebacks becomes a simplified process with the help of a merchant account processing service. The business can anticipate a series of relatively minor fees in association for such a service.

A merchant account processing service is often associated with an AVS fee. An AVS fee, otherwise called an address verification service, is a small and minor fee that is charged for verifying the address of a credit card user. An application fee is sometimes charged too for processing an application for a business seeking a merchant account credit card processing service. If any credit card payments are reversed for any reason, the business may run into a chargeback fee too. Some merchant account credit card processing providers charge a cancelation fee if a business decides to no longer work with the merchant as well.

Businesses are charged a fee called a discount rate: a per-transaction fee that is a small percentage of the total of the transaction being processed. The percentage rate is determined based on whether or not the business is high risk or low risk. A business can also be charged a fixed transaction fee for every transaction process and this can be in place of the discount rate or attached to it. What’s more, the business may be responsible for the expense of a gateway: a gateway gives the business an encrypted area where they can process payments securely.



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